I bought and sold this guitar back in 2006,fast forward 11 yrs and I received a call just a week before an impending auction early December 2017 asking,
What are you doing tomorrow?”. I said “I’m not sure yet but I guess I will find out in the next minute or two”.

And so I found myself on a flight within 48 hours to Nevada where I collected Jimi’s guitar, my brief was to hand carry the guitar and documentation to an auction house on upper 90th st NYC. The owner there would keep the lights on for me even though it would be 7PM on a cold Sunday night.

A pleasant evening and dinner in a very sumptuous hotel followed by an early start the next day back to my hometown ready for the flight to NYC, La Guardia was a mess, my Russian cabbie seemed irritated, LGA to upper 90th is not a fun drive at 6PM. Anyway, I got there and while the cabbie waited for a good while, he seemed a trifle more irritated when I came out. What occurred next was a combative drive back to LGA for an early morning flight home.

The next day was spent aligning the history and provenance for the auction house, the big day came, the guitar passed (auction speak for “no buyers”), much scratching of heads and then the phone rang “what will it take?” Exactly what it would take was discussed and the deal was done. Four Jimi Hendrix sales for me but only ever two guitars, they will probably come around again.

Take a look for yourself. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.