2001 Patrick James Eggle Cherry Discus Brian Ray Paul McCartney Band


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SN #120, The first ever Discus to be completed, the guitar was originally delivered to Brian Ray of the Paul McCartney band back in 2002, Brian played the guitar live on stage for a good while, in the image selection you can see the guitar being played by Brian during the 3-guitar solo from the B-Side of Abbey Road, Brian on the Discus, Rusty on the Firebird & Paul on his left hand ’59 Burst.

It is the only Discus to be made from Cherry wood, for the simple reason that a very nice,mature Cherry tree blew down in the Managing Director’s backyard & we wanted to put it to good use with something memorable.

The guitar is in near mint condition & is complete with the original case & various images of it live on stage, the guitar can be seen in the book “Paul McCartney,On Stage, Off Stage and Backstage”


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