1999 Tony Zemaitis Metal Front Six String Electric Guitar “As New”


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If it was possible to travel back in time eighteen years to 1999 to order a new metal front guitar from Tony Zemaitis, this is what it would look like when you received it, this guitar was commissioned in 1998 and it took a year for completion.

Remember also that back in 1999 Tony was very close to retirement and sadly, the end of his life, actually getting Tony to accept a new order was no mean feat., this is one of the very last guitars to be built by Tony.

The guitar was mothballed and has largely been stored under perfect condition since new, the guitar is absolutely 100% perfect with zero playwear.

Complete Custom Deluxe specifications, handmade bridge, tailpiece and pickup surrounds, all engraving by Danny O’Brien.┬áBoth back-plates are also engraved, very rare to find this upgrade and also a very expensive upgrade given Danny’s man hours to create.

As some players and collectors are aware, Tony often relied on what he could get with regards to the pickup choice, the pickups were changed (originals are included), Jim Rolph was asked to hand wind a PAF clone pair, which he did, the pickups were installed by Patrick James Eggle.

A full complement of provenance by way of handwritten letters from Tony Zemaitis ( original, not copies) a hand drawn map by TZ with directions of how to get to his house, photographs of Tony with the guitar at the handover, images of the guitar in-build on Tony’s bench, last but not a least a full collection of the Zemaitis gazette of which quite a few editions contain this very guitar.

A very rare opportunity to acquire a Zemaitis metal front guitar with unquestionable lineage in a 100% perfect condition.


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