Back in 2012 I traveled to San Francisco and headed North on the 101, I was driving to meet Bill Krinard,one of the original owners of the Two Rock Amplifier Co, Bill is a very highly regarded Amp designer / builder / tech.

We were looking through some products and we came upon this amplifier. Bill gave me the background and I decided to buy it, it sold fairly quickly to a Europe based collector and now it has come my way again from the same individual, it has been impeccably well maintained and looked after from day one.

Back in 2005 John Mayer was working with Two Rock with a view to designing and building a John Mayer Signature amp and cabinet, the series was limited to just 25 sets for worldwide distribution, I have bought and sold quite a few, they do come on the market and at the time of writing they are commanding around $20.000.00.

The red suede version that we have here was one of a very small number of prototypes that were produced, during the design process JM would visit the factory and play the prototypes to help Bill develop the design & adjust the tonal voicing, this proto is the only one that was finished in red suede and also the only one for JM to sign the front with a matching red sharpie.

Other than being finished in red, the amplifier looks just like one of the run of 25 however, the exterior appearance is the only thing that they have in common, the interior is entirely different.

The commercial run of 25 amps were built on the line at the factory by whoever was working for the company at the time,using mass sourced components, whereas, the prototype was hand built from the chassis up by Bill Krinard, using only very high quality NOS components, tonally, there is a world of difference between the prototype and eventual commercial released product.

The cabinet is a direct clone of the one that Alessandro High End Products built for John Mayer, the speakers are Celestion G12-65’S running as a 4ohm pair so the amplifier is running at its optimum load and is delivering maximum power.

Both the amplifier and cabinet include professional grade flight cases. Take a look and get it while it lasts.