Sometimes a transaction comes out of the blue and with it some genuine excitement over what was originally a very work-a-day guitar.

It is worth bearing in mind that Fender only ever produced two Left hand Tele Thinlines’ from the original run of guitars, in 1969 they produced one Mahogany bodied guitar and then in 1971 this Fender Tele Thinline came along, constructed from the much more desirable¬† (for a Telecaster) Ash.

The guitar is just stunning in every respect, so simple and straightforward and yet so beguiling and fascinating, when you consider what the masters of the Telecaster such as Roy Buchanan & Danny Gatton can achieve with these very simple guitars it is a testament to their genius.

The bridge is worth a mention here as it is the old style “notched corner” bridge, this style of bridge was used on the 1969 guitar and also on this 1971 but never on any other Thinlines, the bridge gives the guitar a vintage appearance older than its actual year of manufacture.

The 4-bolt neck pocket contains a red “SPECIAL” stencil along with the obligatory Fender factory stamp of the employees that built the guitar back in 1971, The guitar as a full page feature in a book titles “Uncommon Sound” by John Engel, this double series of books has become something of an encyclopedia for left hand guitarists and collectors.

Everything about the guitar is original with the exception of the following:

  1. The pickups were wax potted, a very common remedy for microphonic pickups on Telecasters and other guitars
  2. A very nice Dunlop 6105 refret was carried out by Mark Pressling at the Fender plant, Mark has worked on many artist owned guitars from Jeff Beck to Hank Marvin
  3. New nut was fitted at the same time

All of the original components are in various sealed bags in the guitar case pocket

All in all, an extremely rare, clean and original Thinline Tele from 1971, very lightweight and very vibrant, none of us are likely to see another one unless the Mahogany guitar from ’69 puts in an appearance.