At least once per year, the D’addario String Company based out of Farmingdale NY finds an innovative way to package some of their best selling products. We’re pretty sure that every guitarist will be aware of the EXL range of Nickel electric strings, most guitarists will have tried them & probably use them as their string of choice.

The company launched a radical new range of strings called NYXL, You can bend the strings further than a regular set of electric strings, when you’re trying to accurately pull off a two whole tone bend in your blues solo you needed fingers of steel & you would be taking a huge risk with the stability of tuning, all of that has changed with NYXL, they bend further, they have superior tuning stability, they are also louder, we have a number of string packs that are a mix of your favourite EXL120 OR EXL110 with an extra bonus of a set of NYXL in a matched gauge all contained in a collectible tin.give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We also found some multi-packs that contain the regular best selling gauges EXL120 & EXL110 along with an added set of the Balanced Tension variant of each gauge,

What is Balanced Tension you ask?, D’addario call it Math ( or Maths to our UK customers) you call it Music, check them out here

All strings are available now through a special purchase with us. Just complete the short contact form below, and we’ll reply with how you can get yours today.

D’addario Limited Edition Best Sellers Multi-Packs & Collectibles
1. EXL110-TIN 4-Sets of EXL110 10-46 & 1- Set of NYXL1046 Collectible Tin $24.99 264 Available
2. EXL120-TIN 3-Sets of EXL120 9-42  & 1-Set  of NYXL0942 Collectible Tin $24.99 160 Available
3. DA-UK04 Special release for the UK Market only Now Available 2-Sets of EXL120 & 1-Set of NYXL0942 $14.99 104 Available
4. EXL120-4PBT Limited Edition Multi-Pack 3-Sets of EXL120 & 1-Set of EXL120BT all 009-042 Gauge $12.99 $12.99 120 Available
5. EXL110-4PBT Limited Edition Multi-Pack 3-Sets of  EXL110 & 1-Set of EXL110BT all 010-046 Gauge $12.99 $12.99 1040 Available
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